Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to APACMed, the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association, the only regional trade association representing the medical device, equipment and in-vitro diagnostics industry across the region.

As Asia Pacific continues to witness rapid economic, social and demographic transformations, the need for a holistic approach to transform healthcare delivery has never been greater. Addressing the growing demand for healthcare in a fragmented region with disparate regulatory regimes, complex reimbursement systems, and conflicting policy, requires a different kind of innovative thinking from all stakeholders across the MedTech ecosystem, from academics to healthcare practitioners, from start-up incubators, to service providers.

Guided by the principles of Access, Innovation and Collaboration, we work with governments, regulators, payers, healthcare providers and others to shape policies that give patients timely access to quality healthcare in both developed and developing markets across the region.

We seek diversity not only across the technologies we represent, but also among the types of companies and organisations that constitute our membership base. Start-ups, SMEs, suppliers, service providers, and of course national industry associations across Asia Pacific are all invited to join APACMed.

Founded in 2014, and officially launched in April 2015, these past years have been an extraordinary time for APACMed, as the Association has grown from nine founding members to one hundred and twenty-two members, including a growing number of starts ups and SMEs.

APACMed has cemented its reputation as a key partner for many stakeholders in the region. We have fostered relationships with health ministry officials and policy makers, academic institutions and research organisations,  thanks to the dedicated work of our Functional Committees working across areas critical to our industry: Legal/ Ethics & Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Government Affairs, Communications and Medical/ Clinical Affairs.

The Asia Pacific MedTech Forum, our annual flagship event, has played a significant part in establishing APACMed as a respected, credible industry partner, and we hope to continue to grow the event in years to come. Our 2018 event attracted over 750 delegates from 25 countries, including a sizeable number of healthcare providers and start-ups from across the region. Our 2019 MedTech Forum will be held in Singapore, from 7-9 October under the theme “Connecting Leaders, Connecting Care”.

I am proud to be leading such an engaged, and influential Association. With our Secretariat Team and Functional Committees, and under the leadership of our Board of Directors, we are committed to remaining relevant and adding value to each one of our member organisations. Above all, we will continue to place patients at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that collectively, we drive sustainable healthcare reform across the region.

If you are not yet a member, please get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits of membership, and how you can play a role in shaping the future of healthcare in the region.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our many committee meetings, conferences or networking events!

Warm regards,

Harjit Gill,

Chief Executive Officer

February 2019