APACMed Code of Ethics revision: Communication Toolkit for members

APACMed has developed a series of guidelines and tools to help Members communicate the change to stakeholders internally and externally. The materials below can be used as templates and can be adapted as appropriate.

Provides a central reference point for all communications about the revisions to the Code

Anticipates the questions that may be asked by various stakeholders, both internal and external, and recommended responses

Draft letter which can be adapted and sent from senior representatives externally to announce the changes

Providing information to HCPs, HCOs and external associations about APACMed; the Code and what the revisions mean in practice

Joint Statement by AdvaMed, APACMed, Mecomed, and MedTech Europe

APACMed Code of Ethics revision: APACMed Outreach to external stakeholders

To date, APACMed has reached out to nearly 400 stakeholders across the region including  Asia Pacific academies and  ASEAN Associations, as well as country level associations in : Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand.

Code of Ethics revision: Past Webinars & Events

Revisions to APACMed Code of Ethical Conduct for Interactions with Health Care Professionals: Implications for Members and HCPs 30 August 2017

APACMed Code of Conduct Revisions: Implications for Members and HCPs 06 July 2017