Healthcare systems across the APAC region are tasked with managing the needs of increasingly complex patient populations, often with limited healthcare resources. This requires balancing cost management without compromising clinical outcomes.

APACMed and its members seek to support the understanding and implementation of value-based models in healthcare, which provide patients with timely access to innovative and high-quality medical technologies designed to contribute to the Triple Aim of Healthcare: Better Outcomes, Better Experience and Lower Costs.

APACMed engages with key stakeholders to understand value from the perspective of those involved in access decision-making and seeks to find ways to support stakeholders in understanding and implementing models that facilitate patient access to the health technologies they need across the Asia Pacific region.

Our work centres around: health technology assessment and other approaches to assessing value of medical technology; health economics and outcomes research; pricing and reimbursement; and the practical application of these learnings including in value-based procurement and contracting.

APACMed’s public policy work in the field of access across the region is driven by three interdisciplinary Centres of Excellence, covering: China, South East Asia, and India. APACMed’s Market Access Working Group drives thought leadership and action in this space.