APACMed Code of Ethical Conduct

APACMed Code of Ethical Conduct

Download the APACMed Code of Ethical Conduct (English) 

Download FAQs on APACMed Code of Ethical Conduct (English)

The purpose of the Code is to facilitate ethical interactions between Members and HCOs and HCPs. Members commit to adhere to this standard by adopting and abiding by the ethical principles outlined in the Code.

APACMed recognizes that collaborative interactions between Members and HCOs and HCPs must meet the highest ethical standards, preserve HCPs’ independent decision-making, and reinforce public confidence in the integrity of patient care, treatment, and product and service selection.

The Code has been under regular review since the first version came into force on 1 January 2016. In February 2017, the APACMed Board revised the Code to no longer permit Members’ direct sponsorship of individual HCPs to Third Party Educational Events as of 1 January 2018, and the Code was amended accordingly. In light of recent amendments to the AdvaMed Code, the MedTech Europe Code, and other codes of ethics that apply to many Members both within Asia Pacific and globally, the APACMed’s Legal/Ethics & Compliance Committee formed a Code Revision Subcommittee in 2019 to review developments globally, review the current Code, and recommend to the APACMed Board amendments to the Code. This resulted in a revised Code being adopted by the APACMed Board in July 2020.

This version of the Code, effective on 1 July 2020, includes further clarification around Satellite Symposia (Section 3.8), and three new provisions concerning:

  1. Member support of Third Party Procedure Training (Section 4.4);
  2. Technical support in the clinical setting (Section 10);
  3. Third party sales and marketing intermediaries (SMIs) (Section 11).

Included in the Code are expanded FAQs. The Code Revision Subcommittee will continue to monitor global trends in HCP codes of ethics globally and be responsive to developments in the industry and particularly in Asia Pacific.

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