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Nov 28 2023


All Day

Cybersecurity Table Top Exercise: “CyberStorm – MedTech’s Response to Cyber Attack”

This tabletop exercise (TTx) is designed for MedTech professionals and aims to simulate a series of incidents, offering valuable insights into responding to cyber emergencies. The event is scheduled for the 28th of November in Singapore and is available for in-person participation only, with the goal of fostering a more resilient infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity, cultivating a vibrant ecosystem, and promoting knowledge sharing within the MedTech industry.

The tabletop exercise has been meticulously crafted to assess decision-making skills within organizations, providing a real-time demonstration of a manufacturer’s response to vulnerabilities or breaches. It will help identify strengths and weaknesses in existing plans and enhance overall response readiness within manufacturing organisations.

As a participant, you will engage in an abridged and accelerated cyberattack crisis management scenario, and would be responsible for making critical decisions and ensuring comprehensive issue coverage. It’s worth noting that you do not need to hold a cybersecurity-related role in your current position; in fact, we strongly encourage participation from various functional roles within MedTech companies such as Regulatory, Government Affairs, IT, Legal, PR Comms, Compliance, Quality among others.

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