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Impact of MedTech in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Impact of MedTech in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 persists globally, the response of the healthcare industry as a whole has been phenomenal. While fighting a pandemic or any health crisis, the MedTech industry acts as the first line of defense and it plays a critical role within this ecosystem in responding to the unpredicted and rapidly evolving challenges through multiple interventions and innovations. It ensures that the right technologies are available, at speed and scale, for providers and patients, to diagnose, treat and manage the disease. In India, our MedTech industry members have been at the forefront to combat the crisis and have proven to be an integral pillar supporting the healthcare systems of the nation through our people, products and partnerships.

This paper is a joint initiative between The Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed) and The Medical Technology Association of India (MTAI) and has been developed with an aim to increase the understanding of the medical technology industry and elucidate the vital role that it plays within the healthcare systems and broader economies, drawing on recent examples from the COVID-19 experience in India. Medical Technologies (MedTech) are a critical part of well-functioning healthcare systems. They can save lives, improve health outcomes, quality of life, and contribute to sustainable healthcare – all key drivers of healthy societies and strong economies.

We hope that this will be an informative tool for the government, healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem and will encourage collaboration among them to pursue the shared objective of saving lives and creating value for everyone during, and beyond, this pandemic.

The MedTech industry deeply appreciates the tireless efforts put in by the Government of India to manage the current COVID-19 crisis and pledges to remain fully committed to better health, better systems, and a better society for patients in our country and beyond.

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