Corporate MembersCompanies manufacturing and conducting R&D in innovative medical equipment, devices or in vitro diagnostics.
Industry Association MembersNational associations representing the interests of the medical technology industry in any country in Asia Pacific.
Associate Members
Service providers (e.g. consultants, CRO’s, recruiters), investors, distributors, contract manufacturers.
Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Members
Companies manufacturing and/or conducting R&D in medical technology with annual sales less than USD 50 million.
  • For all APACMed members, it is a requirement to have a legal entity in Asia Pacific.
  • Annual subscription levels for APACMed Corporate Members are based on the corporation’s global turnover in medical technologies and services during the previous year. Please contact the Secretariat for detailed information.
  • Only Corporate Members and Industry Association Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and join the APACMed Board of Directors.
  • All members are entitled to join APACMed seminars, conferences, CEO roundtables and other events.