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Be Part of the Asia Pacific MedTech Forum 2024


5-6 DECEMBER 2023

Innovation took centre stage as the key theme for MedTech Forum 2023. Engaging a diverse range of stakeholders from the Asia Pacific and across the globe, MedTech Forum 2023 fueled enriching discussions into the Future of MedTech innovation, including the game-changing impact of innovation on healthcare professionals, patient journeys, and the dynamic talent steering the MedTech landscape.




The Asia Pacific MedTech Forum 2023 proved that innovation is more than a buzzword with its theme of “Innovation Unleashing Human Potential”. Global and regional speakers ranging from representatives from the World Health Organisation, to health regulators from various countries, industry executives, tech evangelists, care providers, healthcare practitioners, payers and patient group representatives presented and engaged in discussions addressing critical issues facing the healthcare industry today.


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5 December - Plenary
Venue: Hall 406

0900 – 0930 hrs

Registration, Networking & Innovation Exhibition Visit

0930 – 1010 hrs

Welcome to MedTech Forum 2023: Innovation Unleashing Human Potential

APACMed Board Chairman, John Collings, will officially kick off the forum providing an overview of the Forum, elaborate on its theme, and introduce the concept of the three E’s. Through insightful reflections, he will share a roadmap for the forum, offering valuable perspectives on advancing innovation in the healthcare sector.

Bringing in the Patient Perspective
In her role as President of the Brain Tumour Society (Singapore), Melissa brings patient representation to this session, sharing a heartfelt and sincere narrative of the potential, challenges, and even pitfalls of medical innovation. It’s a compelling story that sheds light on the profound influence of MedTech innovation on patients’ lives.

1010 – 1040 hrs

Keynote Session 1

Roche: A 127-year Journey of Innovation

As the global CEO of a MedTech giant, Thomas will elucidate the significance of innovation and the three E’s in the MedTech industry, also providing valuable insights into Roche’s unique innovation strategy, its evolution and implications for patients and talent.

Fireside Chat: Lance Little in conversation with Harjit Gill

Sharing candid insights into the significance of innovation in MedTech Industry, Lance reflects on Roche’s innovation strategy, including both its triumphs and tribulations. Both speakers jointly highlight the critical role that industry plays in shepherding medical innovation.

1040 – 1200 hrs

Keynote Session 2

A Human's Guide to the Future, and the Role of MedTech Innovation

Step into the forefront of medical innovation with Dr Jordan in this enlightening session. Discover the vast potential of medical innovation as he provides a glimpse into the future with forward-looking predictions and how we can unlock innovation’s potential by upgrading human capital.

Fireside Chat: Dr. Jordan Nguyen in conversation with Chris Hardesty

This fireside chat delves into the implications of Innovation for the MedTech industry. A senior executive shares insights on their company’s balance between innovation and real-world adoption, aligning with the three E’s model. The subsequent dialogue between Jordan and the industry leader explores whether we’re pushing medical innovation too far in the Asia Pacific, and discusses practical approaches to aligning human skills with innovation, identifying key opportunities and risks.

1200 – 1230 hrs

Keynote Session 3

Terumo: An Asian MedTech Becoming a Global Leader

Explore the Asian MedTech perspective with Terumo, a unique multinational rooted in the region. Sato San will take us on a journey through Terumo’s evolution, charting its progression from its origins in Asia to its current global stature, uncover essential elements that contributed to success in the Asian context, emphasizing the pivotal role of talent.

1230 – 1400 hrs

Networking Lunch

1400 – 1505 hrs

Panel Discussion

MedTech Innovation: Fulfilling the Promise for Patients

Innovation is at the heart of MedTech, exploring new frontiers and revolutionizing the landscape of patient care.

Our Panel session on “Medical Innovation: Fulfilling Our Promise” will explore the complexities surrounding medical innovation in this thought-provoking panel discussion. Industry leaders will dive into the transformative power of innovation, the ecosystem’s readiness to embrace MedTech innovations and its impact on healthcare workforce, patients and healthcare industry as a whole.

1505 – 1600 hrs

Panel Discussion

Empowering Patients: Embracing the Challenge of Innovation and Human Potential

Embark on the journey of embracing innovation and human potential in this dynamic panel session.

Join the MedTech industry leaders addressing the challenges of embracing innovation, its impact on human potential, delving into what innovation signifies for each participating organization and industry’s pivotal role in advancing innovation.

1600 – 1700 hrs

MedTech Innovator Awards

MedTech Innovator Awards

Commencing with an overview of MedTech Innovator Awards, this session will feature compelling pitches from top-selected start-ups and announce grand prize winners. The session will also witness an enlightening dialogue with industry leaders, sharing their experiences in corporate and start-up matchmaking, providing valuable insights into the collaborative dynamics shaping the MedTech landscape.

1800 hrs onwards

Social Reception & Networking at SKAI Loft, Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore
(Pre-Registration mandatory)

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6 December - Innovation Day and Expert Summits

Expert Summits

0830 – 1115 hrs

Hall 406 (Level 4)

Public Policy & Market Access Summit:

Strengthening the Ecosystem for Evidence-based Policymaking

0830 – 0835 hrs

Welcome and Introduction of GAMA Committee

0835 – 0840 hrs

Opening Remarks

0840 – 0850 hrs


APACMed ESG Dashboard & 2024 Plans

0850 – 0900 hrs


Why ESG matters for MedTech in APAC

0900 – 0935 hrs

Panel Discussion

ESG for MedTech: What Lies Ahead? Perspectives from across the globe

0935 – 0950 hrs


Government Collaboration for Creating a New Service Fee for IVD in South Korea

0950 – 1000 hrs

Fireside Chat

Value-Based Pricing for MedTech: A Collaborative Way Ahead for Singapore

1000 – 1030 hrs

Panel Discussion

Evidence-driven Decision Making for Healthcare in APAC

1030 – 1040 hrs


Volume to Value: Roadmap for Promoting R&D in India's Medical Device Sector

1040 – 1110 hrs

Panel Discussion

Promoting Quality Innovation in the Asia-Pacific Region

1110 – 1115 hrs

Closing Remarks

0900 – 1100 hrs

Room 325 (Level 3)

China Summit – Morning Session

MedTech Collaboration: ASEAN-China Opportunities (ASEAN Focus)

0900 – 0915 hrs

Opening Remarks

0915 – 0935 hrs


ASEAN MedTech: Trend and Analysis

0935 – 1015 hrs


ASEAN Regulatory Policy Updates

1015 – 1055 hrs

Panel Discussion

Pathway into ASEAN-strategies and approaches

1055 – 1100 hrs

Closing Remarks

1230 – 1400 hrs

Room 325 (Level 3)

China Summit – Afternoon Session:

Forging Synergies: Pathways into China (China Focus)

1230 – 1240 hrs

Opening Remarks

1240 – 1305 hrs


New Trends of Out-of-hospital Care and Demands for Innovative Medical Technologies in China

Fireside Chat

The Formulation of Out-of-hospital Care Models

1305 – 1330 hrs

Presentation followed by Q&A

DRG-based Market Access of the Innovative Medical Technologies

1330 – 1355 hrs

Presentation followed by Q&A

Regulatory Green Pathways into China

1355 – 1400 hrs

Closing Remarks

1200 – 1500 hrs

Hall 406 (Level 4)

Regulatory Affairs Summit:

APAC AI/ML Regulations & Regulatory Convergence

1200 – 1205 hrs

Opening Remarks

1205 – 1220 hrs

Key Regulatory Trends

1220 – 1235 hrs


MOH Journey on Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme for Medical Devices

1235 – 1250 hrs


AI/ML Regulations

1250 – 1330 hrs

Panel Discussion

AI/ML Regulations and Emerging Technologies

1330 – 1350 hrs


Introduction to Regulatory Harmonisation and Convergence

1350 – 1430 hrs

Panel Discussion

Regulatory Harmonisation and Convergence

1430 – 1500 hrs

Panel Discussion

RA Committee Updates and Events

1430 – 1730 hrs

Room 325 (Level 3)

In-Vitro Diagnostics Summit:

Addressing Access Barriers for Diagnostics

1430 – 1450 hrs


Opening Remarks and Addressing Access Barriers for Diagnostics: Overview of APACMed's Engagement

1450 – 1500 hr

Fireside Chat

Addressing Access Barriers for Diagnostics

1500 – 1510 hrs

Virtual Recording

World Health Assembly Resolution on Strengthening Diagnostic Capacity

1510 – 1520 hrs

Virtual Recording

World Health Assembly Resolution on Strengthening Diagnostic Capacity: What does it mean for APAC? - An Interactive Discussion

1520 – 1615 hrs

Panel Discussion

Realising The Full Value of Diagnostics in Bringing Health for All: A Collaborative Approach

1615 – 1625 hrs


Patient Perspective on the Value of Precision Medicine and Importance of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies

1625 – 1720 hrs

Panel Discussion

Setting foundational standards to unlock the Value for Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies

1720 – 1730 hrs

Closing Remarks

1500 – 1800 hrs

Hall 406 (Level 4)

Digital Health Summit:

Enter the Next Healthcare Evolution — Digital!

1500 – 1510 hrs

Opening Remarks

1510 – 1540 hrs

Fireside Chat: EMPOWER Patients

The Digital Native: Leading the Consumerization of Healthcare

1540 – 1640 hrs

Panel Discussion: ENABLE Healthcare

HEALTHCARE 4.0: Moving From Digital Health to ...Health

1700– 1750 hrs

Panel Discussion: ELEVATE The Industry

Be Digital-Future Ready: Unlocking Success for Industry in the Digital Era

1750 – 1800 hrs

Closing Remarks

1530 – 1730 hrs

Room 324 (Level 3)

Legal, Ethics & Compliance Summit:

1530 – 1630 hrs


Sustainable Solutions: ESG Compliance in MedTech

1630 – 1730 hrs

Panel Discussion

Artificial intelligence in MedTech: Navigating Legal Horizons

Innovation Day (Hall 405, Level 4)

0900 – 0930 hrs

Registration, Networking & Innovation Exhibition Visit

0930 – 1000 hrs

Interactive Presentation

Opening Remarks and “MedTech Innovation Build vs Buy Landscape”

Opening Remarks
Begin Innovation Day by with an overview of the day’s agenda and expectations, insights from the APACMed Start-up Committee, and the significance of community engagement in fostering innovation.

MedTech Innovation Build vs Buy Landscape
Expect a deep dive into industry trends, enlightening case studies, and valuable insights in a comprehensive presentation on the MedTech innovation build-vs-buy landscape in the Asia Pacific. In addition, a snapshot of insights observed from the APACMed matchmaking database will be released.

1000 – 1045 hrs

Panel Discussion

Start-up-Corporate Matchmaking: Scaling Innovation Integration

Embark on an insightful journey with a Start-up founder sharing
the remarkable story of Gauss Surgical, a patient monitoring start-up and its evolution into a fully-integrated business unit of Stryker.

Following the presentation will be a fireside chat exploring the intricacies of the journey and provide valuable insights for start-ups looking to make that corporate pitch.

1045 – 1115 hrs

Mid-morning Networking Break

1115 – 1200 hrs

Panel Discussion

Realities of Matchmaking in the Asia Pacific, and Best Practices for Community Activation

Engage in a dynamic panel discussion that delves into the “Realities of Matchmaking in the Asia Pacific”. Our expert panelists will share insights, experiences, and best practices, providing a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and successes within the region’s matchmaking landscape. Discover key strategies for community activation and gain practical insights to enhance your approach in the diverse and dynamic Asia Pacific market.

1200 – 1330 hrs

Networking Lunch

1330 – 1600 hrs

Inaugural APACMed Corporate Challenge

Experience the convergence of ideas and solutions at the Inaugural APACMed Corporate Challenge Statement. Witness curated start-up matchmaking with 5-minute compelling pitches from each start-up, followed by Q&A session, dedicated time for fostering meaningful connections and collaboration within the MedTech ecosystem.

1600 – 1630 hrs

Reflections on Global MedTech Innovations and Closing Remarks

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Click to view the MedTech Forum 2023 Speakers.



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John Collings

John Collings is a senior-level leader with more than 20 years of experience in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. He started his career with Stryker in 2016, and he was appointed to President of Stryker Asia Pacific in 2020 after assuming leadership roles with increasingly expanded responsibilities.

John is focused on driving and developing high-performing teams across the region. Having lived and worked in seven different countries, John embraces diversity and inclusion. This lays the foundation in developing mission-driven, diverse and inclusive teams that has been key to Stryker’s success. Together with Stryker’s customers, the dynamic team delivers customer-centric and differentiated innovation that drives optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen is a leading Australian engineer, inventor and innovator, who is committed to improving as many lives as possible, as well as becoming a driving force behind both human and technological evolution as we move into the future.

An internationally renowned engineer for humanity, Jordan designs life-changing technologies to transform the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly through his role as founder of Psykinetic, a social business committed to bringing positive, sustainable and life-altering change. He also shares his adventures through documentaries across the world. Inspired by human endeavour, Jordan has big ambitions to see our world step consciously and creatively into a better future.

Shinjiro Sato

Mr. Shinjiro Sato has been the President and CEO of the company since 2017. Previously, he served as the Director and Managing Executive Officer from 2015 to 2017; Director and Senior Executive Officer from 2012 to 2015; Senior Executive Officer from 2012 to 2014; Group President of Cardiac and Vascular Business Group from 2011 to 2012; and Executive Officer, General Manager of Strategic Planning Dept. from 2010 to 2011. Mr. Sato served at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting (currently PwC Japan Group) from 1999 to 2004. He started his career at Joined Toa Nenryo Kogyo KK (currently JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation) in 1984.

Thomas Schinecker

Dr. Thomas Schinecker has been Chief Executive Officer of the Roche Group since 2023. He began his career at Roche in 2003 as part of a management development program. This was followed by various roles across six countries and three continents. Throughout his time at Roche, he served as Head of Marketing and Sales in Austria, Lifecycle Leader for Diagnostics’ Sequencing Solutions and General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Sweden as well as in Germany. For two years, he led Roche Diagnostics’ largest business unit including Research and Development, before taking over the Diagnostics Division, which he led from October 2019 to December 2022. Dr Thomas Schinecker was born in Germany with German and Austrian citizenship and grew up in Singapore. He studied genetics in Salzburg, Austria, and received his PhD in molecular biology from New York University in 2003.

Dr. Hatim Abdulhussein

Hatim is a practising General Practitioner in North West London, joining Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network in October 2022, in a job share as Medical Director. Alongside this role he continues to act as National Clinical Lead for AI and Digital Workforce at NHS England within the Workforce, Training, and Education directorate.
In 2018, Hatim was appointed National Medical Directors Clinical Fellow to Professor Wendy Reid. His key achievements were co-author and member of the Sir Keith Pearson Commission into NHS Staff and Learner Mental Health and co-founding the ‘Topol Programme for Digital Health Fellowships’ launched by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in 2019.
Hatim has been a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University London, supporting the Physician Associate MSc and new medical school, developing its digital education strategy and curriculum. Hatim recently joined Keele University as an Honorary Senior Lecturer, working with European partners to develop a Masters in Explainable AI in healthcare management. Hatim is also a member of the NICE Technology Appraisals Committee.
Hatim is an advocate for safe and ethical digital transformation and ensuring workforce preparedness for new innovations and technologies in health and care. He regularly speaks internationally and has contributed to the publication of several academic papers and white papers spanning workforce, education reform, primary care, digital health and AI.
Outside of work Hatim enjoys travelling and football, and you will likely find him touring England’s best restaurants with his family.

Benish Aslam

Benish joined APACMed in 2021 to support the Digital Health committee. Since October 2021, she has been working in the Government Affairs & Market Access committee to help build long term relationships with government stakeholders and promote smoother, more well-defined market access pathways.  

Benish has close to a decade of prior experience in developing evidence based tailored therapeutic protocols for patient centric care in a multidisciplinary team at a tertiary hospital in India. Apart from that, while teaching as an Assistant Professor at a university, she also explored various innovative research projects which led her to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy. In Singapore, Benish completed an MBA in strategy & digital leadership from ESSEC Business School. 

Benish is involved in various volunteering activities in Singapore and enjoys exploring new places and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr. Samvel Azatyan

Dr Samvel Azatyan is a Paediatrician with a PhD in clinical pharmacology and medical products regulation. Over his more than 20 years at WHO, he has had a wide range of leadership roles associated with the regulation of medical products, including supporting regulatory collaboration, convergence and harmonization, as well as regulatory capacity building and facilitation of products introduction in the countries. Dr Azatyan has also led various projects aiming at development of regulatory systems in a number of low- and middle-income countries, as well as the development and implementation of the concept of reliance in regulation of medical products. Dr Azatyan is currently leading the Regulatory Convergence and Networks Team of the Department of Regulation and Prequalification at the WHO’s Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Brian Benson

Brian Benson is the VP of Strategic Alliances at MedTech Innovator. Prior to joining MedTech Innovator, Brian was the director of entrepreneurship and commercialization at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) where he was responsible for all aspects of the Magnify incubator and driving strategic initiatives for the Institute. He received his B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University. Brian brings over 10 years of experience accelerating the growth and success of transformative life science startups to the team.

Alicia Chang

Currently, Alicia manages cross-functional work of APACMed in China, including government affairs and market access, regulatory issues, digital health pathways, and China’s MedTech collaboration with the broader region.

Prior to joining APACMed, Alicia worked as the Chief Liaison Officer and senior international manager at CCCMHPIE for over 10 years, to drive bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs with a number of health-related government and non-government bodies in China.

She has extensive experience in driving projects under the governmental framework, public relations, policy analysis, advocacy programs, seminars, and events. She has been a key facilitator of multiple government-led bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms, including the China-UK healthcare working group, China-CEEC Alliance for Public Health, China-ASEAN Healthcare Products Expo, etc. She was leading a number of global health projects, including WHO pre-qualification Studies on China’s MedTech industry.

An EU-certified conference interpreter, Alicia received her master’s degree in applied linguistics from the University of International Business and Economics. She has also completed her second master’s degree in Public Health from the Vanke School of Public Health at Tsinghua University.

James Chiang

James is Vice President / General Manager Asia at embecta, formerly part of BD and now one of the largest pure-play diabetes management companies in the world. Prior to embecta, James served as Vice President of the Diabetes Care business unit in Asia at BD. Before joining BD, James was the Global Marketing Director and Sales Director EMEA at MP Biomedicals, a leading provider of diagnostic products with global headquarters in California. James has also served as Sales & Marketing Director at Aeras Medical Pte Ltd, a medical solutions provider with a focus on diabetes diagnostics and management. Prior to Aeras Medical Pte Ltd he worked in LMA, a global leader and innovator of the laryngeal masks.

His experience in the medical industry has seen him take on appointments spanning R&D engineering, product and business management, P&L management, global marketing management and sales management in the APAC and EMEA regions. In the course of his career, he travelled widely and worked with professionals around the globe. He currently lives in Singapore.

Dr. Alice Chu

Alice Chu is Senior Director, Market Access and Medical Affairs, Asia Pacific, for Glaukos Corporation, a U.S. ophthalmic medical technology and pharmaceutical company focused on transforming the standards of care in treating chronic eye diseases with novel therapies in glaucoma, corneal disorders, and retinal diseases. Her roles include improving patient access to the company’s innovations based on clinical and economic evidence that demonstrate value for money to governments, payers, and hospital administrators; advancing clinical evidence; and educating surgeons in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Glaukos, Alice was involved in health policy and market access efforts at Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson Medical, both at the Southeast Asian and regional levels. She has worked in various of healthcare-related enterprises in the United States, such as medical communications and professional education. Alice received her PhD in Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition and Master of Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from Singapore Management University. She is currently the co-president of the UC Berkeley Public Health Alumni Association and vice-chair of the Government Affairs & Market Access Committee for APACMed.

Raymond Chua

Adj Assoc/Prof (Dr) Raymond Chua is a Registered Public Health Specialist and Fellow with the Academy of Medicine. As Deputy Director-General of Health, he oversees the regulation of healthcare services, premises, and health digitalization in Singapore, to safeguard public health, assure patient safety and ensure healthcare innovations. He is concurrently designated as Assistant Commissioner for Cybersecurity in Healthcare, to assist in tracking and enhancing cybersecurity policies relating to Critical Information Infrastructures and Medical Devices in Singapore. He also chairs the Public Service Division’s Regulatory Advisory Group to provide guidance and broad direction in using regulatory tools and capability development of regulators in the public service.

Simon Chunkath

Simon Chunkath is the Vice President of IT for Stryker Asia Pacific. He has nearly 25 years of experience in Information Technology including 18 focused on the medical device and life sciences industry. He is responsible for overseeing the overall Information Systems function and strategy in the region partnering closely with business leadership in support of regional and global needs. Simon holds a Bachelors in Instrumentation Engineering from the University of Calicut, India and an MBA from the University of Minnesota, USA. He is passionate about addressing healthcare disparities and improving healthcare access in emerging economies and underserved markets through the application of disruptive innovations and business models.

Feng Dong

Feng Dong is the Vice President of Asia Region-Led Markets for the Global Regions. He has been in the medical and healthcare industry for more than 30 years, and since joining Medtronic in 2004, has held several strategic positions, most recently serving as the Vice President and Managing Director of Medtronic Korea and Vice President for the Peripheral Vascular Operating Unit (OU) in Japan.

He is strongly committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion and is a firm believer that fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect can create innovative teams and make a positive impact on the lives of our patients.

Born in China, Feng Dong holds a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Chinese Medicine School and spent five years in orthopedics treating patients in China. In his free time, Feng Dong enjoying spending time with his family and staying active through badminton, running, hiking, mountaineering, and skiing.

John Eng

John Eng is VP of the Healthcare Division at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). In his current role, he leads a team to engage with global companies and develop strategies to position Singapore as a hub for medical technology. Prior to this, he completed a secondment with the Food & Nutrition innovation strategy and initiatives at the Agency for Science Technology and Research and led the Agri-Food division at EDB. He was previously based in EDB’s Chicago Office from 2015-18 as Regional Director, Americas, facilitating investments in industries such as biomedical sciences, food & nutrition and professional services. John completed a MS in Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco and a BSc with Honours in Biological Sciences at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

Arif Fahim

Arif Fahim is part of Abbott’s Asia Pacific Regional Leadership team for the Medical Devices Division and holds overall functional responsibilities for the Health Economics & Reimbursement (HE&R) capability in the region. In addition, Arif also leads the HE&R global taskforce on Early Value Assessment at Abbott. He has extensive experience in implementing access strategies in the region. This includes negotiating reimbursement approvals for a range of technologies and creation of new categories for innovative products, working closely with Government and commercial healthcare payers. Prior to his current role at APACMed, he served as Vice Chair of the India WG and Chair of the Health Economics, Pricing and Reimbursement Sub-group at AdvaMed. Arif has attended INSEAD, trained in HTA and Health Economics, from the Centre of Health Economics, University of York, UK, and is a Masters’ Degree holder in Marketing from the University of Durham, UK.

Gwyneth Fries

Gwyneth has over 10 years of experience working in corporate sustainability advisory and sustainable development. As a Senior Expert Manager at Bain & Company, Gwyneth works with companies to create value from sustainability, chart pathways to net zero and invest in nature-based solutions. Before joining Bain, Gwyneth was at Agility, a logistics and supply chain company, where she managed all aspects of sustainability, from human rights to reporting. She also served as a Senior Sustainability Advisor at Forum for the Future and as a Trade and Logistics Consultant for the World Bank Group in Latin America and the Caribbean. She holds a B.A. in Development Studies from Brown University, an M.A. in International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a Micromasters Credential in Supply Chain Management from MITx. Her personal interests include climbing, yoga, and reading.

Dr. Karthik G M

Dr. Karthik G M holds over 15 years of combined expertise in Regulatory Affairs (Medical Devices) and Biomedical Research & Development. As Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs for Asia, Middle East, and Africa at Guardant Health, he steers regulatory strategies and product submissions across these markets. Notably, at Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA), he was involved in drafting Product Specific Regulatory guidelines (NGS) for Singapore. His Ph.D. in Biomedical sciences from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden is accompanied by 8 impactful research articles. By fusing regulatory prowess with scientific insight, Dr Karthik G M propels innovation while ensuring compliance, underscoring his leadership, and lasting impact in both biomedical and regulatory domains.

Harjit Gill

Harjit was appointed CEO of APACMed in February 2019. Founded in 2014, the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association is the only regional association to provide a unified voice for the medical technology industry in Asia Pacific.

Formerly she was EVP and CEO of Philips ASEAN & Pacific until October 2015. In this role, she managed a turnover of US$2 Billion and a team of 10,000 people in ten countries across its Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle sectors. Harjit spent twenty-five years with Philips holding a variety of international roles in General Management in Holland, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Adrien Gras

Mr Adrien Gras is highly experienced leader in global pharmaceutical and medical device market access and HEOR. Adrien currently leads a team of experts in the field across the APAC region. He has been involved in all aspects of product development, from R&D activities such as drug target identification and drug discovery, pipeline commercial strategy, economic modelling, government reimbursement negotiation, and lifecycle management. He has published peer-reviewed journals and manuals in the fields of biochemistry, health economics and policy. Adrien was awarded a BSc in Biotechnology from Imperial College before completing an MRes in Structural Biology at Birkbeck College.

Jason Guo

Mr. Jason (Jian) Guo earned double-bachelor’s degrees from STU, China and acquired master degree of International Business Administration from UBC (University of British Columbia), Canada. He is now working for Abbott Global Regulatory Service Dept. as regional RA director for APAC to oversee strategic regulatory planning and ensure regulatory compliance of Abbott medical device business in this region. Prior to join Abbott, Mr. Jason Guo had worked for multiple reputable US and European medical device MNCs, where he accumulated rich experiences in areas of QMS/GMP, post-market surveillance, regulatory approvals, intelligence, compliance, and policy shaping. Mr. Jason Guo is also serving APACMed RA Committee as vice chairperson to actively advocate regulatory harmonization, convergency, reliance and capacity building activities.

Chris Hardesty

Chris Hardesty has dedicated his career and passion toward the health/care field. Having had the good fortune of working across more than 50 countries, he believes there is something to teach and something to learn from the various health system designs. His particular area of emphasis is around fostering public-private partnerships such that we can bring safe, effective, and economically-viable medical innovations to those in need.

Dr. Koh Hau-Tek

Striving for excellent financial, organizational management & clinical outcomes, Dr Koh integrates business management and medical practice with a track record.
A bridge between clinical staff and top management/shareholders, he harnesses the strengths of each to enhance synergy with alignment and purpose; ultimately to create greater enterprise value in the healthcare industry.
He also believes in “People, purpose and passion” 3Ps – key elements for delivering consistently in healthcare management.

Yasha Huang

Yasha Huang is currently the Head of Regulatory Policy Asia Pacific within the Global Regulatory Policy & Intelligence team at Roche Diagnostics. Yasha has extensive experiences in the health policy and she is passionate about advocating for regulatory science as well as enhancing holistic capacity building for regulatory professionals. 

Prior to Roche, Yasha was most recently the Regulatory Affairs Director at APACMed, the region’s first and only MedTech industry association. Her main role was driving regulatory initiatives for patients’ better access to medical technologies, by leading the Regulatory Affairs Committee and partnering with key stakeholders including government agencies, local associations, think tanks, medical device regulatory harmonization and convergence platforms, such as the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF), the Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) conferences, and the APEC Regulatory Harmonization Steering Committee (RHSC). 

Prior to that, Yasha was working at the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) based in Beijing, where she was actively involved in global governance and stakeholder engagement, collaborating with international organizations, government agencies, NGOs, academia, donors, and industry. 

Yasha holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Dartmouth College, U.S. with a Fulbright scholarship. She has authored white papers and position papers in the fields of regulatory competency framework, acceptance of overseas clinical performance evaluation, regulatory agility during the pandemic, EU IVDR impact on Asia Pacific markets, etc. She is currently the Chair of IVD Working Group within RA Committee and Vice Chair of Regulatory Group within Digital Health Committee at APACMed.

Vikram Kapur

Vikram Kapur is a senior partner and leader of Bain’s APAC Healthcare & Life Sciences practice.
He has more than 20+ years of management consulting and operating experience delivering strategies that work for change-oriented business leaders across the Americas, Europe and APAC.
Within healthcare, he primarily advises clients in the services, medical technology, biopharma and payer and provider healthcare sectors, with additional expertise in healthcare private equity transactions.
Vikram holds deep expertise in strategy development, operational improvement, acquisition due diligence and complex cross-border M&A and integration efforts. He is recognized as a thought leader in the industry and is very active in key industry forums both in the region and globally.
Vikram joined Bain’s Chicago office in 2001 and, in addition to Singapore, has spent time working in Bain’s Dallas, Stockholm, New York and Hong Kong offices.
Vikram received an MBA at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MS in industrial engineering from Northwestern University and a BS in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Sam Karita

Sam Karita is a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Marketing, Sales & Pricing, Health Care, and Consumer practices.

He is also a Fellow at Bcg Henderson Institute (BHI) and BHI Japan lead.

Since joining BCG in 1997, Sam has worked closely with clients in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, med-tech, consumer goods, media, entertainment, technology, and telecommunications. He has developed particular expertise in corporate / business strategy, innovation, large scale transformation, operational excellence across the value chain from R&D, manufacturing & supply chain and sales & marketing. He also has deep experience in supporting clients undertake transformation in digital and advanced analytics, working closely with Digital BCG colleagues.

Before joining BCG, Sam worked for the Industrial Bank of Japan, currently Mizuho Financial Group, where he was in charge of corporate finance for several major accounts. He is also a semiprofessional musician who records music and performs live in Tokyo.

Jasmine Kaur

Jasmine is a Corporate/Public Affairs & Communications Executive with 20 years of global, regional (Asia Pacific) & local market experience in protecting reputation, building global brands, effecting positive change & lifting employee engagement across the Public & Private sectors. Player-Coach with deep expertise in transforming high-growth, scaling businesses to deliver outcomes. Served on Leadership Teams for mega-brands, tech unicorns, and Fortune 500 companies successfully leading all corporate /public affairs & communication matters. Managing strategic demands in highly customer-focused, issues-rich, complex, cross-border, & multicultural environments environments, won multiple awards for delivering communication excellence & leadership. Change-agent & certified CSR/Sustainability Practitioner passionate about impacting lives, served on various industry, community-based & diversity committees.

Prof. Lan Yao

Prof. Lan Yao, Dean of School of Medicine and Health Management, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents, Executive Director of HUST Base of National Institute of Healthcare Security, Director of Primary Health Care Branch of China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care, Vice Director of Health Insurance Branch of China Health Economics Association, Executive Director of China Health Insurance Research Association, Executive Director of Community Health Association of China, Vice President of Wuhan Medical Insurance Research Association, Vice President of Wuhan Community Health Association, Consulting expert of the Standing Committee of the 15th People’s Congress of Wuhan, Member of the Advisory Committee of Shenzhen Community Health Association. She has served as an advisor to the Health Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region. In addition, she was the chief editor of the second edition and third editions of textbook entitled “Medical Security”, with a total of eight books edited. As a project leader, she has presided over more than 80 scientific research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the World Health Organization Representative Office in China, the United Nations Children’s Fund, etc. More than 130 academic papers were published in various authoritative journals at home and abroad. She has received 8 awards, including the “China Medical Award” and the Third Prize of Hubei Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress. Main research areas: health economy, health policy, medical security, and primary health care.

Astra Lam

Astra is responsible for leading external partnership and M&A initiatives for Johnson & Johnson MedTech in China, supporting the company’s innovation and growth agenda. She is also a member of the JJMT China Management Board and will assume responsibility for the Business Development function in China.

Astra joins us with extensive leadership and transaction experience from GE, where she led business development and marketing activities in greater China in support of GE businesses’ strategic marketing and inorganic growth initiatives.

Prior to this Growth Leader role, she served as GE China’s Managing Director for Corporate Business Development beginning in 2007. In this role, she led M&A activities in various industries, such as energy, mining, aviation, security and industrial intelligent platforms.

In addition to her experience in GE, Astra served as Corporate Development Director for Cargill in Asia, a leading global agricultural company.

Prior to that, Astra spent over 17 years in Motorola in market research, M&A and Venture Capital in Asia, where she was the founding member of Motorola Venture in China in 2004.

Astra received her MBA from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management/University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Alec Lee

Based in Singapore, Alec is the Managing Director for FrontierView’s Healthcare Research for Asia Pacific. His work focuses on providing support to healthcare business leaders in strategic business execution and the management of operational risks in Asia.

Today, Alec’s is responsible for coordinating on-going monitoring and analysis of healthcare systems across the Asia Pacific region, overseeing the firm’s editorial position, and managing a team of analysts in support of this view. Having previously built the firm’s healthcare practice for Latin America, Alec is a deep subject matter expert whose work spans Diagnostics, MedTech and Pharmaceutical business challenges. Alec also spends a considerable amount of his time engaging with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, often constructing and leading initiatives to support businesses in developing solutions and coalitions to secure and expand market access for their innovative therapies. 

Alec completed his bachelor’s degrees in political science at Oklahoma State University and attended the University of São Paulo, where he completed a master’s in international political economy. Alec previously held a position in the economic and political section of the US Department of State in Rio de Janeiro. Alec is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and proficient in French.

Justin Leong

Justin Leong was appointed president of ResMed’s Asian and Latin American markets in June 2020, an extension of his role as president of ResMed’s Asia Growth Markets, held since September 2018, and the region’s senior vice president since May 2016. He is also a director on the board of various ResMed subsidiaries. He joined ResMed in 2013 as vice president of Global Strategy, adding the role of General Manager of Greater China in 2015.
Before joining ResMed, Justin was a director at London-based investment firm HgCapital from 2006 to 2012, responsible for acquisitions and portfolio management, and serving on the board of directors of several European healthcare companies. From 1999 to 2004, he was a management consultant with Bain & Co. in Sydney, Boston and New York, where he advised clients on growth strategies, operational improvement projects, mergers and acquisitions.
Justin holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Peter Liddell

Peter is the Head of Lifesciences, KPMG Asia Pacific, he also holds 2 global roles as KPMG Global Sustainable Supply Chain Lead and Partner as well as KPMG Global Operations Center of Excellence Lead. Peter has worked with a range of clients across many industries with his key expertise being within the Life Sciences (Consumer Healthcare Products, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals), Food and Beverage, Retail, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics sectors. For a number of years, he also held the position of Head of Supply Chain for the Asia Pacific region. Peter has designed and run small to large scale transformation programs that have driven value throughout the clients’ portfolios by accelerating opportunities to mitigate excessive business complexity and unnecessary operational costs, whilst helping them to position for growth and in accessing new markets.

Lynne Lim

Experienced Adj Assoc Professor Dr Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Founder and CEO at NousQ Pte Ltd. Skilled in Public Health, Research and Medical Devices, Management of change and diverse multidisciplinary teams, Healthcare Management, and Health and Wellness related Education. Strong healthcare services professional graduated from National University Singapore and Harvard School of Public Health. Broad experience including that of Vice Deanship, Vice Chairman Medical Board at National University Health System, Founding Director Master of Science Audiology at NUS, Director Centre for Hearing Intervention and Language Development, Primary Investigator of multiple large competitive research grants and the pioneering of new clinical services, hearing health community services and surgeries. Deep experience in building multidisciplinary teams, engaging diverse stakeholders, and personal and public communication. Enjoys new challenges and the creation of effective and sustainable solutions.

Melissa Lim

Melissa Lim founded the Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) or BTSS in 2014 and currently serves as its President. Her personal mission to help the brain tumour patients and caregivers actually started further back in February 2004 from her first-hand experience as a brain tumour patient. She found herself isolated in her struggle to recover from the post operation impact arising from a 16-hour brain operation to remove a 3.5 cm acoustic neuroma. This experience closely echoed the lonely journey she shared earlier with her late mother who had terminal brain cancer. Upon her recovery, Melissa decided to leverage on her personal experiences, both as a patient and caregiver, to bring hope and encouragement to those who are also struggling with brain tumours. She started out as the facilitator and programme manager of the Brain Tumour Support Group, which was an informal support group for patients and caregivers. She established BTSS on 5 Feb 2014 as an official platform to reach out to more patients and offer them more tangible support and services. Under her leadership, BTSS has grown to more than 300 strong in its membership with a wide range of programmes for its diverse community; such as befriending and support services, community bonding events, financial and practical assistance. Under her watch, BTSS has also created more visibility for brain tumour awareness in Singapore. Melissa was recognised for her contributions to BTSS when she was awarded the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient Award in March 2015.

Sigrid Linher

Sigrid LINHER joined MedTech Europe, the European trade association for the medical technology industry, in June 2023. As Director Sustainability and Environment, she heads the association’s work in this area. Sigrid LINHER joined MedTech Europe, the European trade association for the medical technology industry, in June 2023. As Director Sustainability and Environment, she heads the association’s work in this area. Sigrid came to MedTech Europe from the Brussel’s office of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (BDI), where her professional activities centred around the EU Green Deal, Fit-for-55 and REPowerEU policies. Previously, she worked for 17 years at Orgalim, Europe’s Technology Industries, as Director in charge of energy, climate and environment, including chemicals, product and waste legislation. A lawyer by training and an Austrian national, she is fluent in German, English and French and has a thorough understanding of Dutch. Sigrid holds an Executive Master in International Association Management of Solvay Business School, Belgium. Sigrid is passionate for business with a purpose and shaping a sustainable future. Outside the office, Sigrid enjoys nature discovery together with her family and friends, gardening and arts.

Lance Little

Lance Little became the Managing Director, Region Asia Pacific for Roche Diagnostics in 2012. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Roche Diagnostics India (including the Indian sub-region). His experience as Managing Director extends to both Roche Diagnostics Thailand and Roche Diagnostics New Zealand.
Lance joined Roche in New Zealand in 1995 in the technical support and management division of Boehringer Mannheim’s Clinical Chemistry portfolio, before moving on to sales and marketing roles. He was appointed Managing Director of Roche Diagnostics Thailand in 2008 before returning to New Zealand to take up the role of Managing Director in 2009.
Lance started his career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, specialising in Biochemistry at Auckland Hospital Laboratory in New Zealand. Following that, he spent some time managing the Automation Laboratory at Diagnostic Laboratories in Auckland.

Dr. Herbert H. Loong

Dr. Herbert H. Loong holds conjoint appointments of Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Oncology and Deputy Medical Director of the Phase 1 Clinical Trials Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the current and founding convenor of the Prince of Wales Hospital Adult Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team. 

Dr. Loong obtained his medical degree with a Distinction in Surgery from The University of Hong Kong in 2003. He has completed a Fellowship in Drug Development at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada with a special focus on Experimental Therapeutics. His clinical and research interests also include Sarcoma Medical Oncology, Thoracic Oncology and Health Economics. 

Dr. Loong is a recipient of the European Cancer Congress Fellowship Grant (2013), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting Merit Award (2014), the Hong Kong College of Physicians Young Investigators’ Award (2014). Nominated by patients and their caregivers, Dr. Loong led the Lung Cancer Team at CUHK to be bestowed the IASLC Foundation Cancer Care Team Award in recognition for providing the best thoracic oncology care in “Asia & Rest of the World” in 2018. 

In recent years, Dr. Loong has co-founded the Asia Pacific Oncology Drug Development Consortiium (APODDC) and the Asia Pacific Coalition Against Lung Cancer (APCLC). 

Frank Mei

Frank is a Certified Practicing Accountant of CPA Australia. He has over 24 years of risk consulting experience in China and Asia Pacific. He became Partner in Charge of Risk Consulting for KPMG China in 2019. Risk Consulting includes Forensic, Internal Audit and Risk Compliance, Financial Risk Management, Actuarial and IT Advisory.

Frank has worked primarily in areas of internal audit, corporate governance, internal controls and risk management and strategic risk advisory. His industry focus includes manufacturing, life science, energy and resources and technology. Frank has been working closely with Chinese regulators and was involved in the drafting of various risk and control regulations.

Anastasia Miros

Anastasia is passionate about partnering for outcomes, innovating for impact and delivering value for people across the healthcare ecosystem. Anastasia is a qualified AI/ML and Biomedical engineer who has over 20 years global and regional Life Sciences (MedTech, Pharma and Digital Health) and Private Healthcare experience within and with industry. Anastasia’s key technical focus areas include:

  1. Digital Health and Innovation; such as digital strategy, digital commercial models, interoperability, data strategy and innovation, AI/ML and emerging technologies,
  2. New Business Models; such as growth, ventures and partnership strategy, platform strategy, emerging models such as hospital in the home) , and
  3. Commercialisation; such as new product and service development (NPD) & BD, Advanced Manufacturing and Site Certification (FDA, TUV SUD, TGA).

Pavan Mocherla

Pavan Kumar Mocherla is the Executive Vice President and President Greater Asia at Becton Dickinson.
With more than 29+ years of experience across various industries, he has led several successful assignments in both emerging and developed markets. Prior to BD, he was associated with Whirlpool, Onida and NIIT Ltd.
With a distinctive ability to handle both big and small teams, Pavan brings people management skills, strategic thinking, analytical ability, learning agility and action orientation to the teams and assignments he manages. Some of his most satisfying successes have been leading teams on accelerated growth trajectories.

Stephen Morse

Stephen Morse is the senior vice president and president, Asia Pacific, a role he has held since May 2022. In this role, Stephen leads the company’s business across the Asia Pacific region and is responsible for strategy, talent development, commercial operations and the delivery of business growth. Prior to this role, Stephen served as president, Boston Scientific Japan from July 2019 to April 2022, and group vice president and general manager, Cardiovascular and Rhythm Management, Boston Scientific Japan. Prior to these roles in Japan, Stephen served as vice president, global marketing, Rhythm Management. Stephen joined Boston Scientific in July 1998 as a field clinical representative in the Rhythm Management business, moving progressively through the organization in roles spanning sales, marketing, strategy, and commercial functions. Before joining Boston Scientific, Stephen was a captain in the United States Air Force. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University, an M.B.A. in Management from Colorado State University and an M.Sc. in Financial Economics from University of London.

Mansoor Mukadam

Mansoor is a management consultant with 15 years of experience in Life sciences and Technology sector. Mansoor specializes in areas of Commercial strategy including Opportunity assessment, Geo-expansion and launch planning, M&A support, Forecasting, Tender planning and assessment. His experience spans across JAPAC, Middle East and Established markets.

Previously, Mansoor was an Associate Principal at IMS Consulting group, where he led various Commercial strategy projects in Geo-expansion, Go-to-Market planning, Commercial Due diligence, Policy strategy and Tender optimization. Mansoor also led engagements at PRTM and ZS Associates, where he advised several MNCs on Operations and Commercialization aspects such as Supply chain optimization, Manufacturing ad demand planning, CMC development, Go-to-market strategy, Customer Segmentation, Resource allocation and Goal setting. Besides consulting, Mansoor also held strategic roles in industry, where he managed Corporate strategy and M&A initiatives.

Throughout his career, Mansoor has developed a strong interest in product commercialization planning. He has actively engaged in thought leadership and developed whitepapers on key aspects of commercialization. Mansoor holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, and a B. Tech from National Institute of Technology, Trichy in India.

Kenneth De Muynck

Kenneth De Muynck is General Manager, Asia Pacific for Oliver Healthcare Packaging (Oliver) based in Singapore. In his role, Kenneth spearheads strategic growth opportunities for Oliver in the region, leveraging his extensive multi-market experience in healthcare and life sciences multinational companies (MNCs). This includes providing direction and oversight to capital projects, improving productivity and customer experiences through championing process excellence, driving talent management efforts, and maintaining deep relationships with key industry stakeholders. Prior to joining Oliver, he held senior roles at life sciences company Cytiva (previously GE HealthCare Life Sciences) and was responsible for driving service sales and commercial excellence across Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and India. He also oversaw strategy and business development in areas such as manufacturing, inventory, and sales operations, and has nearly two decades of experience in the life sciences industry. Kenneth graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a bachelor’s degree (with Honours) in International Business. He also holds an Executive MBA from Vlerick Business School, a Masters in Global Management from the University of Antwerp Management School in Belgium, and a “Candidate in Law” from the Catholic University of Brussels.

Farhana Nakhooda

Farhana Nakhooda, GM & SVP Health Catalyst, Asia Pacific, leads the overall vision and growth strategy of the Health Catalyst business across Asia Pacific. She is passionate about improving healthcare outcomes, access to care as well as decreasing healthcare costs across the APAC region. She has extensive experience with engagement at the intersection of medicine, technology, AI and analytics. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Farhana was the IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences solutions leader for Asia Pacific for 18 years where she played a key role in digitally enabling healthcare transformation projects across Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Middle East/Africa. She has more than 25 years of international experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry as a medical researcher and as a subject matter expert. Farhana has a Bachelor of Science degree (with Honors), in which she majored in Biology and Biochemistry, at the University of British Columbia. She completed her MBA at Monash Mt Eliza Business School in Melbourne, Australia.

May Ng

May had her start in the In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs) industry since 1990s. Within a decade of work with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore, she played a key role in establishing the medical devices branch and also, the local and regional medical device guidance. Subsequently, she became the Regulatory Director at Biosensors International Group, a manufacturer of interventional cardiology drug-device products for a number of years before setting up ARQon. May also the Regulatory and Quality Director in Endofotonics, a start-up manufacturer for In vivo Molecular Diagnostic (IMDx). Her experience in the design and manufacturing sites as well as in the commercial industry and as the local regulator enables her to guide all relevant departments during the entire product life cycle on the regulatory strategy and documentation to meet the global registration requirements and compliance.

Jacqueline Ng

Jacqueline brings with her more than 20 years of marketing experience in the healthcare and consumer technology sectors. She is a competent and independent marketer with a wealth of experience in strategy development, brand marketing, new product introductions, campaign development, digital marketing, market research, and marketing analytics. She has successfully led and implemented cross-functional projects across APAC & Japan region. Having held regional and global roles in organizations such as Novartis Consumer Health (CIBA VISION Division, Johnson & Johnson Vision (formerly Abbott Medical Optics), Nokia and Samsung, Jacqueline has a proven track record of managing cross-functional internal and external stakeholders, and possesses excellent cross-cultural communication and presentation skills. Overall, a self-motivated and results-oriented professional with strong interpersonal skills, and thrives on challenges to achieve goals.

A/Prof Tam C. Nguyen

A/Prof Tam Nguyen has over 20 years of working in clinical trials, health and medical research and research innovation sector. He is the deputy director of research at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, part of the second largest healthcare provider in Australia. 

Tam sits on the Investment Committee for H3Healthcare fund. He advises Health-Tech and MedTech start-ups from Australia and Singapore. He is a regular invited speaker at national and international conferences and holds academic appointment with Melbourne Medical School and Monash Medical School – two of the world top 30 (and APAC top 5) medical schools. 

Lucas Nicolet-Serra

Lucas Nicolet-Serra is counsel at K&L Gates Straits Law LLC, the Singapore office of global law firm K&L Gates. Lucas focuses his practice on commercial, regulatory, and transactional work in the life sciences, telecommunications, and fintech sectors. He has extensive experience advising fintech and health-tech companies on legal, regulatory, and policy developments across Southeast Asia.

Johan Ordish

Johan leads Software Group within the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Software Group are responsible for most aspects of regulating software as a medical device (AI included) and work to ensure these devices are acceptably safe and deliver for patients. He was a co-author of Good Machine Learning Practice for Medical Device Development, has been involved in the development of various reporting standards for AI such as DECIDE-AI, and represents the UK in several international fora such as the AI Medical Device Working Group at the International Medical Device Regulators’ Forum. Previously, Johan was a Senior Policy Analyst (Law and Regulation) with the PHG Foundation, specialising in the regulation of digital health and genomic technology and led work on how medical device and data protection regulation applies to AI. Johan has four degrees, the last being a BA in Law from Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.

Dr. Pei Li

Dr. Pei Li is a Researcher of HUST Sub-Base of National Institute of Healthcare Security. Dr. Pei Li graduated from Peking Union Medical College and served as chief physician in the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University and the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital). He also has extensive experience working in non-public hospitals and has been a core member of the Hospital Management Center of China Resources Medical since 2015.

Cindy Pelou

In 2020, Cindy joined APACMed, offering her dedicated support to the Digital Health Committee. The journey continued in 2021, as she took the helm of the Legal, Ethics, and Compliance Committee. This role enabled her to play a key part in APACMed’s mission to enhance business standards across the APAC region. As 2023 unfolded, she took on the leadership of the APACMed Regulatory Affairs Committee. Through this role, she continues to shape the healthcare landscape in the APAC region, reflecting her unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation.

Before her time at APACMed, Cindy’s career unfolded in France, where she practised as a pharmacist. Her days revolved around ensuring patients received the medications they needed and providing essential guidance. This hands-on experience allowed her to collaborate seamlessly with fellow healthcare professionals, gaining valuable insights into pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and therapeutic approaches that enhance patients’ lives.

Cindy holds a Pharm D from the renowned French University François Rabelais, which laid the foundation for her deep understanding of pharmaceutical sciences. To augment her medical knowledge with business skills, she pursued an Advanced Master’s in Strategy and management of International Business (SMIB) from ESSEC Business School Asia Pacific.

Low Lai Peng

Ms. Low is a regulatory professional with over 10 years of experience in the medical devices sector. She currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Therapeutic Devices Branch (TDB) of Medical Devices Cluster (MDC), HSA where she oversees the branch operations and is responsible for decision-making and developing regulatory policies.

During her time in HSA, Ms. Low also leads the teams working on special access route, dealer licensing and consultation team that supports companies in the development of innovative technologies.

Ms. Low also represents Singapore in the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) Medical Device Clinical Evaluation workgroup, where she collaborates with overseas regulators and industry representatives in the review of IMDRF guidance documents. Her regional portfolio includes participation in the Medical Device Product Working Group (MDPWG), and current ASEAN Medical Device Committee (AMDC) in continuing the work to support the ASEAN Medical Device Directive (AMDD) implementation.

Adip Puri

Adip comes with 12+ years of multi-sector experience across Government Relations, Policy Advocacy, Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Communications having worked in corporate, consulting as well as government settings. In his last role, Adip worked with APCO Worldwide – a global public affairs firm with a 7+ years tenure consulting fortune 500 companies, Not-for-profits, associations among others. Prior to joining APCO, Adip served in corporate affairs roles with respected multinationals like Alstom and Ingersoll Rand. He started his career with MSL Group and executed projects for Deloitte and the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. Adip holds a Master of Business Administration with distinction from Heriot-Watt University, UK and a Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. Additionally, he holds a certification in public policy from the Takshashila Institution and received the Kautilya Fellowship from India Foundation and the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India (2019 and 2020).

Marc Radatt

Prior to joining Olympus, Marc held several management positions working for a variety of technology-focused companies, including Philips and LG Electronics. His career spans numerous countries and continents including South Africa, The United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and most recently Singapore.

Marc commenced his career with Olympus in 2004 in Sydney Australia where he served as the Imaging Division Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

In 2019, Marc was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific, with full strategic and operational responsibility for the APAC Region.

To achieve the Olympus purpose of Making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, Marc is focused on establishing Olympus APAC as a MedTech organization known for excellence throughout the region.

Marc was born in South Africa and holds commerce degrees from The Cape Peninsula University of Technology and The University of South Australia. He is married with two children and enjoys spending time with his family and the occasional ultra-marathon or competitive swim.

Saurabh Rajadhyax

Saurabh was born in Mumbai, India and holds business degrees from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and The Fuqua School of Business (Health Sector of Management), Duke University.

Prior to joining bioMérieux, Saurabh worked with Johnson & Johnson in India and the United States for its Pharmaceutical and OTC businesses. He started his career with J&J and held several positions for over 10 years in Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Marketing etc.

Saurabh commenced his career with bioMerieux in 2009 in Delhi, India as Chief Marketing Officer. In 2016 he took over as the General Manage / Vice President for bioMérieux’s South Asia operations. In 2020 in midst of the pandemic, Saurabh moved to Singapore, to take on the role as Senior Vice President – Asia Pacific (Clinical Operations).

Saurabh and his team in Asia Pacific is focussed on achieving bioMérieux’s mission of providing diagnostic solutions which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. bioMérieux’s products are mainly used for diagnosing infectious diseases and detecting microorganisms in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Heather Renton

Heather Renton is the Founder and former CEO of Syndromes Without a Name (SWAN) Australia, a support group that provides information, connection, support and advocacy to families caring for a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition. Heather is the mother of two neurodiverse children, one of whom has a rare genetic condition called FOXP1 Syndrome.

Heather is a consumer representative on a number of different advisory groups and committees and is a passionate disability and health advocate, particularly around genomic technology.

Yoann Sapanel

Yoann is Head of Health Innovation at WisDM, the Institute for Digital Medicine at the NUS School of Medicine. With the team, he aims to foster and accelerate cross-industry, public–private collaborations to validate, implement and scale first-of-its-kind pharmacological and digital interventional technology into the clinic. Prior to that, Yoann was the health of Health Partnerships at MetLife Asia’s innovation center, focusing on the development of new products and services grounded in technology and data for cancer, dementia and cardiovascular diseases. During his time at Medtronic, Yoann was leading the APAC CoE for Business Model Innovation, which aimed to address the inefficiencies across the care continuum with innovative solutions. As the program director for Medtronic Asia’s Value Based Health Care Council, Yoann was also instrumental in advancing the acceleration and adoption of outcome-based models to ensure better patients outcomes, reduce costs, and deliver value across the Region.2.

Siddarth Satish

Siddarth Satish is the Vice President of AI for Stryker’s Digital, Robotics, and Enabling Technologies organization. He previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Gauss Surgical, a healthcare AI company acquired by Stryker in 2021. Siddarth founded Gauss in 2011 and worked as its Chief Technology Officer before becoming CEO in 2015. At Gauss, he developed Triton, a computer vision application that monitors surgical blood loss. He led the company through De Novo clearance from the US FDA in 2014 and early market launch. Under Siddarth’s commercial leadership, Triton was widely used by US health systems, with over 250,000 surgical procedures annually by 2019 and regulatory approvals in the EU and APAC regions. Triton received the Apple Design Award in 2018. Siddarth also raised $60 million in venture capital financing and led the spinoff of several home diagnostics technologies developed by Gauss in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before founding Gauss, Siddarth worked as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at StartX, Stanford University’s Startup Accelerator, and conducted research in computer-aided drug discovery at Gilead Sciences. Siddarth has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Bioengineering from the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering. He holds over 50 issued or pending patents in surgery, diagnostics, and computer vision and was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Healthcare.

Anirudh Sen

Anirudh is currently the Director, Digital Health – Asia Pacific, where he is responsible for leading APACMed’s priorities in the digital health space, supporting APACMed members across the entire digital health product journey and driving initiatives that help progress the long-term vision of the Digital Health Committee which is to improve patient health by enabling equitable and economically sustained use of digital health technologies. With nearly two decades of diversified work experience, largely in the development sector, Anirudh has been in leadership roles with a Regional Trade Association, National Association as well as an Apex Chamber of Commerce, where he designed, implemented, and led policy, regulatory and market access initiatives critical to business and industry. A creative and analytical thinker, with an inherent ability to develop rapport and credibility across audiences, Anirudh is well-networked within the healthcare ecosystem, with deep understanding of the business, socio-economic, bureaucratic, and political landscape in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining APACMed, he was with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) – the apex industry chamber in India where he was driving advocacy efforts in healthcare across Medical Devices, Health Services, Health Insurance and Medical Value Travel.

Shakilla Shahjihan

Shakilla Shahjihan is Divisional Vice President, Government Affairs at Abbott based in Singapore. She leads an award-winning team across strategic markets focusing on external stakeholder engagement to help drive business priorities. Prior to joining Abbott, Shakilla held various positions in sales, marketing and corporate affairs at Monsanto, Boston Scientific and Merch Sharp and Dohme. Shakilla is co-chair of the Government Affairs and Market Access (GAMA) Committee at the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMED), working together with the Secretariat and GAMA leadership team to advocate on issues and shape meaningful outreach for APACMED’s members. She is Vice Chair of Board of Governors at the American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore. She chairs the Healthcare Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia. Shakilla is also an active member of the Management Committee Asia Pacific Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association (APIYCNA). Shakilla holds an MBA and bachelor’s degree in Science from the National University of Singapore.

Ong Su Fen

Su Fen joins APACMed as Project Manager, Government Affairs and Market Access in March 2023 to enable greater market access for medtech companies in APAC. She brings expertise in stakeholder engagement and geopolitical analysis to the healthcare industry and seeks to facilitate open channels of communication amongst policy makers and companies, leading to improved patient access to healthcare services in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining APACMed, she led a team of officers in Land Transport Authority (LTA) to implement public transport programmes. She has a Masters in Social Sciences, specialising in China and Global Governance from Nanyang Technological University.

Yeo Su Ling

In the Venture Creation and Growth Group under Innovation and Enterprise division, Su Ling is responsible for programmes, partnerships and creation of spin offs, in both science & engineering and biomedtech areas. Su Ling engages with VCs, serial entrepreneurs and corporates to co-create successful and sustainable spin offs leveraging on deep tech technologies developed at A*STAR. She will also support these spin offs in fund raising, business development, M&A activities and corporate partnerships.

Prior to A*STAR, she was at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (“TLL”), where she was managing business development and Intellectual Property including forming JVs with strategic partners.. Before TLL, she was at BioOne Capital, an EDB investment arm, focussing on investments in biotech and medtech companies globally. She has served on the Board of Directors, renumeration and audit committees of portfolio companies. She has also spent time in start-ups in the drug and vaccine development space.

Su Ling obtained her PhD in Neurobiology.

Stephen Sunderland

Stephen has two decades of experience advising clients on their strategy, including M&A, partnering as well as organic growth initiatives.
He has advised some of the largest and most complex enterprises in the world as well as startups, government controlled entities, NGOs, and Private Equity investors.
Stephen focuses on growth strategy for healthcare and life sciences businesses, including digital health, medtech, biopharma and wider healthcare. He also brings broader experience in consumer facing industries and a range of industrials subsectors.
Stephen joined L.E.K. in Europe, and has supported L.E.K.’s development in Asia for more than a decade.

Colin Tan

Colin is the investment director of Coronet Ventures. He has over 17 years of experience in the US and Singapore, focusing on medical device project management, fund raising, operations, product design and development. His experience includes taking projects through conceptualization, verification, clinical trials, regulatory approvals, manufacturing and commercialization. Colin has managed and worked on a diverse range of projects from tissue engineering of vascular substitutes to ocular implants, glucose monitoring, endoscopy, orthopedic, and cardiovascular products. He completed his Master’s in Bioengineering from Stanford University and Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.

Miang Tanakasemsub

Miang is a Pharmacist, MBA. She has more than 25 years of regulatory affairs experience with numbers of Medical devices and Pharmaceutical companies. Her current position at JNJ Vision is the Regional Regulatory Affairs head, Asia Pacific. Miang has a board experience in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Reimbursement, Government Affairs and Quality Assurance in Asia Pacific including Japan. Prior to Cardinal Health, Miang worked for numbers of healthcare companies (Takeda, Boston Scientific, JNJ, Actelion, Cochlear, Bausch & Lomb, Zimmer Biomet, Alcon & Cardinal Health) in different locations (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore). In addition to her current job, she has been heavily involved with numbers of harmonization activities including GHTF, AHWP, APEC RHSC and ACCSQ. She was one of the members of GHTF SG02 (Postmarket Surveillance) and Co-chair of AHWP TC 2 terms. Currently, she is a chair of APACMED Regulatory Affairs group and an industry secretariat of GHWP TC.

Glenda Teng

Glenda is Director of Government Affairs and Market Access, APACMed secretariat. Glenda brings over a decade of policy experience working at the nexus of government, business and civil society – to accelerate partnerships and policies improving patient access to care. Glenda holds a masters’ degree in social sciences from University of Chicago and bachelors of science in government and economics from LSE.

Saeim Teresa Chun

Teresa Chun has over 18 years of experience in the medical device industry and has dedicated to market access, reimbursement and health economics over the years. She has moved to the in-vitro diagnostics just before the pandemic and is now enjoying the focus and awareness on the IVD industry, specific to the challenges of market access for the industry.

Vy Tran

As the President of Asia Pacific and Japan at Siemens Healthineers, Vy is responsible for one of the fastest growing regions with critical healthcare needs. Working alongside a passionate team of more than 4,000 employees, Vy and her team are reimagining healthcare with innovative solutions to help healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care and the best possible outcomes for patients.

Richard Vines

Richard attended University of Melbourne where he studied Maths and Statistics. He then trained as an Actuary but was seduced by the fledgling IT industry before qualifying. After several years working in software development, Richard formed his own software company which he then sold in 1990 before embarking on a second software venture in Europe.

In 1996, Richard returned to Australia where he was retained by an American company to establish a sales channel in Australia. In 2001 Richard left the IT industry and has since worked in a number of not-for-profits associated with retail, politics and health.

In 2012 Richard and his wife Kate established Rare Cancers Australia, a patient advocacy group whose mission is to improve the lives and outcomes for rare cancer patients. Richard is now a highly sought after spokesperson for cancer patient advocacy issues and is a member of a number of committees. In September this year, Richard was named Co-Chair of the Cancer Drugs Alliance Committee, a stakeholder coalition tasked to promote timely access to drugs for cancer patients.

Salbiah Yaakop

Ms Salbiah Yaakop has more than 30 years of working experience, and is currently the Director of Policy and Strategic Planning Division of the Medical Device Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia. Here, her main functions are managing the development of policies and regulatory documents, guidance documents and guidelines; managing international affairs and inter-agency agenda; industry affairs; managing events; provide trainings and consultancy and perform other specific projects. She also performed quality management system audits; medical device registration and licensing evaluations and verifications prior to her current role. She often represents MDA in other government and non-government meetings and programs and initiatives.She was the past Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP) Technical Committee Chair, and currently GHWP Working Group 8 Chair on Standards for Medical Devices for the second term. She is also the Convenor for ISO/TC 210/WG 7 on Good Engineering Maintenance Management, and Chairperson of various Committees in MDA. She is also the Chairperson of two Technical Committees and a member of several National Standards Committees, Technical Committees and Working Groups related to medical devices in the national standards system. She is passionate about achieving global harmonization, and working towards securing bilateral cooperation and mutual recognitions with other countries in the areas of medical device standards and regulatory control.

Joanna Yao

Joanna is a passionate business leader with over two decades’ international experience in healthcare. She was appointed VP for Asia in April 2023, and is responsible for overseeing the business across China, Hong Kong/Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & the Philippines.

Joanna first joined Baxter in 2006, in an Asia Pacific Business Development role, before being promoted to a number of leadership roles across the region. She was appointed as Business Unit Director for BioScience in China in 2008, and moved to Hong Kong in 2010, having been appointed as General Manager. In 2015, she further expanded her role as General Manager of Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2019, she was appointed VP for South East Asia, covering 6 markets – the region grew to include India in 2021.

Joanna’s passion for healthcare was sparked during her early experiences at Novartis Consumer Health and McKinsey & Co where she primarily focused on healthcare clients.

Joanna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Fudan University, China and Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School, New York.

Dr. Joanne Yoong

Joanne Yoong, PhD, is an applied micro-economist and interdisciplinary researcher whose work addresses decision-making for health, financial and social well-being, and the design and evaluation of interventions, technologies and systems that support vulnerable populations. Dr. Yoong holds multiple faculty appointments and is the author of over one hundred peer-reviewed articles in leading economics, medical and public health journals. She has worked on projects around the world including Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, India, China, Ghana, Kenya, Cambodia, Indonesia and Iraqi Kurdistan. Dr. Yoong received her PhD in Economics at Stanford University as an FSI Starr Foundation Fellow after an early career in financial services, and her AB summa cum laude in Economics and Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University.

Ho Yuan Lu

Management and Leadership professional with experience across industries, in managing complex Research and Development R&D, Technology Transfer, and operations in highly regulated environments. Experience in leading cross-functional teams to achieve goals and milestones with effective communication at all levels. Keen in establishing relationships with third parties from the business world.

Dr. Muralitharan Paramasua

Dr. Muralitharan Paramasua, is the Chief Executive of Medical Device Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia since 15th February 2023. Before being appointed as Chief Executive in February 2023, Dr. Muralitharan served in Ministry of Health Malaysia as an Administrative and Diplomatic Officer in various positions for 9 years.

Prior to joining MOH, Dr. Muralitharan was also once served at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for 7 years from 2011
to 2017 and was responsible for international affairs of the ministry including free trade negotiations with different countries.

Dr. Muralitharan earned his PhD in International Economy from University of Malaya. He received his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and his Bachelor’s Degree in Biohealth Science from the University of Malaya.

Pravin Siriwardena

Pravin is MTAA’s Policy Manager with a strong focus on developing and advocating on industry policy positions across the MTAA membership.  Pravin joined MTAA in January 2022 and oversees numerous committees and working groups that focus on local industry development, procurement and supply chain matters for medical device companies. Recently, Pravin established a sustainability working group at MTAA to help progress ESG related initiatives for the Australian MedTech sector.   Pravin was also the project lead for MTAA’s major advocacy project for 2023, the Value of MedTech Report, launched at Parliament House in June by the Federal Minister for Health. Pravin has a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne (2017), a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Sydney (2013) and is currently undertaking a Master of Business Administration at the University of Sydney. Prior to joining MTAA, Pravin worked for 3 years as public policy consultant working on program evaluations for governments and NGO clients across the health, justice and education sectors.

Dean Ho

Dean Ho is a Provost’s Chair Professor in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacology, Director of the N.1 Institute for Health, and Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. Ho is an internationally recognised leader in digital medicine. His team has pioneered the use of artificial intelligence towards life-saving outcomes in cancer, infectious diseases and beyond. Most recently, Ho led a team to address new areas of innovation, ranging from the design of novel treatments against Covid-19 to addressing food security. Ho was also recently elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science – the only Singapore-based honouree in the 2021 Class. The lifetime honour is one of the most prestigious among innovators worldwide. His discoveries have been featured on CNN and CNA, and in The Economist, National Geographic, Forbes and other outlets. Ho is also a subgroup lead in the World Health Organization Working Group on regulating AI for healthcare applications.

Dr. Ming Xu

Currently, Dr. Ming Xu is a Professor and the Dean of the Department of Global Health at School of Public Health of Peking University, as well as the Associate Dean of the Institute for Global Health and Development of Peking University. He has rich work experience in global health and the development of the healthcare industry. He was the Head of the Department for Emerging Economies and previously the Senior Political Advisor for External Relations at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Switzerland. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products under the Ministry of Commerce of China. Earlier, he served in the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission and the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Korea. When working with the Global Fund, his focus was mainly on the prevention and control of major infectious diseases and health system strengthening in the implementing countries, and building up collaborations with emerging economies in the health field. When working in China, he participated a lot in formulating the policies and regulations of China’s healthcare industry, ranging from the promotion of trade and investment, regulation of medicinal products, to the enhancement of the international competitiveness of companies. He was the chair and PI of key health projects, and the head or member of evaluation groups to review major health projects at the national level. He currently serves as a member of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)of the Pandemic Fund and the World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on Local Production and Technology Transfer of Health Products(TAG-LPTT) .

He got a Ph.D. in industrial economics from Fudan University and completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. He has written more than one hundred papers and articles in journals and specialized publications.

Dr. Madoka Murakami

Dr. Murakami joined PMDA as medical device reviewer in 2005. She’s been involved in international regulatory harmonization activities such as GHTF/IMDRF MC and WGs, ISO TC194 and TC210, Harmonization by Doing (HBD), etc.

After working as medical device QMS auditor in PMDA and as deputy director at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for several years, now she’s in charge of review and consultation for software as a medical device in PMDA.