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Advancing Innovative Healthcare in Asia Pacific

The Current Growth Drivers For MedTech In The Asia Pacific Region

The Current Growth Drivers For MedTech In The Asia Pacific Region

APACMed Chairman John Collings Describes The MedTech Industry’s Growing Patient-Centricity Momentum

The eighth annual MedTech Forum from APACMed featured Patient Futures as its 2022 theme. New chairman John Collings described to In Vivo how the industry is seeking to both protect data and build trust with patients.

Interview conducted by: Ashley Yeo   |   Published by: In Vivo

At MedTech Forum 2022, APACMed focused on how the medical devices industry can promote patient-centricity and ensure patient activation in the industry’s remit, ranging from advocacy to how digital technology can build trust.

One week post-conference, In Vivo spoke to new Chairman John Collings to get a sense of how the industry is coping with fast rising-demand in the 48 countries of Asia, which together account for 60% of the world’s population.

In Vivo’s podcast (below) with Collings, who is also President of Stryker Asia, covered the following subjects:

  • 00:52 – Themes in debate at APACMed’s eighth annual MedTech Forum
  • 02:50 – The growing importance of Asia to the global medtech industry
  • 06:42 – Asia as a global medtech innovator – the shift from the EU and US
  • 08:51 – The top three concerns of APACMed’s members, including regulatory processes and supporting emerging technologies; and future focuses on digital health, patient centricity, ESG and nurturing talent 
  • 12:47 – Asia’s trump card in digital health care applications
  • 16:48 – Sustainability and the “E” in ESG – how medtechs are embracing the needs
  • 19:03 – The “S” in ESG: how DE&I is impacting medtech company culture in Asia
  • 21:18 – Supporting access to technologies and facilitating regulatory harmonisation
  • 22:16 – Personal challenges and goals for John Collings as APACMed Chairman
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