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Regulatory Transformation Symposium 2022 – Event Recordings

Regulatory Transformation Symposium 2022 – Event Recordings

Accelerating MedTech Innovations through Regulatory Agility & Harmonization

Theme Addresss

Preparing a Globally Harmonized Future-ready Workforce

Keynote Address
Special Address
Launch and Presentation of Regulators Curriculum White Paper
Presentation of APACMed e-Learning Hub
Panel Discussion

Driving Regulatory Agility and Efficiency Through Reliance

Keynote Address
Launch & Presentation of Regulatory Reliance Assessment Report
Case Studies
Panel Discussion

Regulators Updates

Upcoming Regulations in Australia
Regulation for 3D Printing in Singapore
Regulation For Digital Therapeutics In Korea
Upcoming Regulations in Malaysia
Upcoming Regulations in Thailand
Upcoming Regulations in Indonesia
Upcoming Regulations in Pakistan
Regulation for AI/ML & Software Computer Aided Triage Tool for Taiwan
Upcoming Regulations in Jordan


Note of Thanks

Regulatory Transformation Masterclass

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