Doses of Healthcare

Doses of Healthcare

Doses of Healthcare is APACMed’s webcast and podcast series that helps you to stay up to date on the trending topics in Digital Health and the Medtech industry. Delivered through bite-sized episodes, you can conveniently tune in to get your Doses of Healthcare anytime, anywhere!

Episode 1: Increasing Access of Digital Health Solutions to Patients

Our very first episode “Increasing Access of Digital Health Solutions to Patients”, features Dean Ho and Yoann Sapanel from National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. They look at the efforts undertaken thus far to improve access to Digital Health solutions, outline how to bridge implementation gaps as well as share the opportunities ahead for the MedTech industry.

They will discuss the importance of Digital Health in the “New Normal” and why the industry and wider society should embrace it for better outcomes and equity. Dean and Yoann will also look towards the future of Digital Health solutions. Through the sharing of use cases, they will explain how you can expedite the adoption of Digital Health solutions and integrate them into the current frameworks. They will also touch on what is needed to scale digital health solutions.


You can read more about Episode 1 of our Podcast here.

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