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Commercializing Digital Health: South Korean case studies

Commercializing Digital Health: South Korean case studies

South Korea’s regulatory agencies are revamping their strategies to accommodate and support new health technology assessments. Through the amended rules, the target and application period of new health technology that is eligible for the early market entry in the medical field will be expanded, and safety management for the use of new health technology will be strengthened. 

In this webinar we discussed the technological development, opportunities and barriers of Digital Health Technologies (DHTs) in South Korea by examining the journey of two DHTs: Atsens Co. and Medi Whale. They shared how they obtained reimbursement and how they had crafted their commercialisation strategies for market entry. A panel discussion moderated by Prof Jae-Yong Shin (MD. PH.D.) from Yonsei University’s Department of Preventive Medicine, addressed the future trajectory and financing of digital health innovations.

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