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23 Must-Attend MedTech Conferences in Asia Pacific and the Americas This 2022

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23 Must-Attend MedTech Conferences in Asia Pacific and the Americas This 2022

MedTech refers to medical technology and devices that assist healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients safely, efficiently and accurately. These can save lives, improve health outcomes and patient experience which are key drivers of healthy societies for long term economic growth. 

The MedTech industry plays a critical role within the healthcare ecosystem to respond and evolve through continuous innovations. This is where conferences come in to gather experts in the healthcare and technology field to discuss the topics at hand. 

These events aim to educate the involved parties, inspire innovation and drive change to improve healthcare as a whole. This is where individuals in the industry can benefit from information exchange and networking. 

In this article, we list in-person and virtual conferences happening in Asia Pacific and the Americas that are recommended for you to attend!

Summary of MedTech Conferences in 2022

Here’s an overview of the must-attend MedTech conferences happening from now till the end of 2022. The dates, location and event page are included for your convenience.

Keep a lookout for online conferences if you prefer to attend one from the comfort of your home.




Regulatory Transformation Symposium 2022

26 May


Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

7 – 8 June

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

The Future of Patient Care Symposium 2022

9 June


Value-based Market Access Symposium 2022

27 June


11th European Conference on Rare Diseases

27 June – 1 July


World Series of Industry & Investor Partnering Conferences

14 – 25 July (Online), 26 – 28 July (In person)

Online, AACC Clinical Lab Expo, McCormick Place, Chicago

Medtec China

31 August – 2 September

Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition and Convention Center

USA Health Week

1 – 3 September


RAPS Convergence

11 – 13 September

Phoenix, Arizona

Healthcare Analytics Summit 2022

13 – 15 September

Salt Lake City, Utah

MedTech Forum 2022

26 – 27 September


Biotech Week Boston

27 – 30 September

Online, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

MedCity INVEST Digital Health

28 September

Dallas, Texas

BIOMEDevice Boston

28 – 29 September

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

MedTech22 Annual Conference

6 – 7 October

Dockside, 2 Wheat Rd, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

AHIMA22 Global Conference

9 – 12 October (In person), 10 – 11 November (Online)

Columbus, Ohio

AI in Healthcare Summit

13 – 14 October


The MedTech Conference 2022

24 – 26 October

Online, Boston, Massachusetts

MD&M Minneapolis

2 – 3 November

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Population Health Colloquium

7 – 9 November

Online, Loews Hotel, Philadelphia

HLTH 2022

13 – 16 November

Online, The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

Innovation Summit San Francisco 2022

14 – 16 November

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Canada

BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley

29 – 30 November

Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

Quarter 2 MedTech Conferences: May, June

We’re down to May and June for Quarter 2 in 2022, but there are still a number of noteworthy conferences to attend. Some of the topics covered include regulatory transformation, minimizing health inequity and the future of patient care.

1. Regulatory Transformation Symposium 2022

Regulatory Transformation Symposium 2022 banner

Date: 26 May
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (SGT)
Location: Online

Organized by APACMed and co-hosted by Global Harmonization Working Party, the Regulatory Transformation Symposium will be presented virtually on 26 May. 

Join esteemed speakers from WHO, GHWP, IMDRF, USFDA and other regulatory agencies as they discuss about

  • Leveraging regulatory agility to expedite patient access to medical technology while ensuring product safety and quality
  • Building a competent and large MedTech workforce that has great foresight

Member price: $99 | Non-member price: $149
Prices are before GST.

2. Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

Conference banner for Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

Date: 7 – 8 June
Time: 7 June 6:00pm – 8 June 7:00pm
Location: Online | Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

After a 2-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) will be back this June. This conference seeks to cover key topics including (but not limited to)

  • Minimizing health inequity by encouraging innovation in medical aid
  • Incorporating data in and digitizing clinical trials
  • Managing the ongoing demand for hiring clinical professionals
  • Focusing on neglected areas of healthcare such as pediatrics

Price: USD 1,495

3. The Future of Patient Care Symposium 2022 

The Future of Patient Care Symposium 2022 banner

Date: 9 June
Time: 3:00pm – 6:30pm (SGT)
Location: Online

APACMed delivered a successful Symposium in 2021 where new remote care models implemented in Asia by MedTech and Digital Health organizations were featured.

This year, The Future of Patient Care Symposium focuses downstream of remote care management, bringing in the voices of healthcare professionals, hospitals, patients, caregivers and the wider society.

Member price: $25 | Non-member price: $100 
Prices are before GST.

4. Value-based Market Access Symposium 2022 

Banner for Value-based Market Access Symposium 2022

Date: 27 June 
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm (SGT)
Location: Online

Held online, APACMed’s Value-based Market Access Symposium seeks to discuss the ever-changing landscape of health technology assessment. 

Industry officials, academia and policy makers gather to chat about bettering assessment outcomes for medical devices and improving affordability for patients via value-based pricing, procurement and reimbursement.

Member price: Free | Non-member price: $100
Prices are before GST.

5. 11th European Conference on Rare Diseases

Banner for 11th European Conference on Rare Diseases

Date: 27 June – 1 July
Time: 2:00pm – 6:30pm
Location: Online

The 11th European Conference on Rare Diseases (ECRD) is a globally recognized event led by patients. It encourages collaborative dialogue involving more than 1,500 stakeholders in the rare disease community including patient advocates, healthcare professionals and policy makers.

This conference is based on a crucial Rare 2030 Foresight Study which pushed for a new European policy framework on rare diseases. 

Price: € 45 – € 1,225

Quarter 3 MedTech Conferences: July — September

In Quarter 3 2022, there is a good mix of virtual and in-person MedTech conferences for healthcare professionals to attend. Some topics to be explored include mental health, moving towards a smart health city and combining analytics with a human touch.

6. World Series of Industry & Investor Partnering Conferences

Details for World Series of Industry & Investor Partnering Conferences

Date: 14 – 25 July (Online), 26 – 28 July (In person)
Time: 2:00pm – 6:30pm
Location: Online | AACC Clinical Lab Expo, McCormick Place, Chicago

The DxPx US Conference offers a combination of virtual and in-person experiences with a common aim of facilitating partnering and networking between professionals in the diagnostics and digital health fields. 

During the conference, you can schedule one-to-one appointments with decision makers, pitch your company to investors and seek financing and mergers and acquisitions opportunities.

Price: € 480 – € 1,000

7. Medtec China

Banner for Medtec China

Date: 31 August – 2 September
Location: Hall 1 and 2, Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition and Convention Center

Medtec China 2022 is the 17th rendition of the annual event since its first exhibition in 2005. This year, MedTechWorld has brought in almost 1,000 suppliers of medical design, raw materials and accessories. 

Join the exhibition to connect with global medical device manufacturers, key decision makers and product engineers. You will be able to find all the parts your company needs for R&D, design and production.

8. USA Health Week

USA Health Week conference details

Date: 1 – 3 September
Time: 10:30am – 3:00pm (EST)
Location: Online

USA Health Week covers various topics including the manufacture of healthcare technologies, mental health and wellbeing, healthcare facilities and moving towards being a smart health city.

9. RAPS Convergence

RAPS Convergence (orange banner)

Date: 11 – 13 September
Time: 10:30am – 3:00pm (EST)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

RAPS Convergence is a well-established annual gathering of health regulatory experts, scientists and solutionists all over the world. It gathers key personnel in the healthcare industry to empower one another to bring about change.

10. Healthcare Analytics Summit 2022

Conference banner for Healthcare Analytics Summit 2022

Date: 13 – 15 September
Time: 7:00am – 10:00pm
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2022 shares advanced data and analytics techniques for healthcare, with an emphasis on leveraging soft skills and human perspectives. This provides a conducive environment for user-centered, data-driven outcomes to be achieved.

Price: $599 – $899

11. APACMed MedTech Forum 2022

Date: 26 – 27 September
Location: Online | Suntec Convention Center Hall 405 & 406, Singapore

The MedTech Forum 2022 organized by APACMed spans over 2 days with a curated group of speakers. This forum is in line with APACMed’s Futures 2025 vision, which places an emphasis on the patient. 

The vision is anchored upon “Achieving the vision of patient centricity in the Asia Pacific”. This prioritizes the transformation into a collaborative healthcare ecosystem that drives patient-centric change globally. 

12. Biotech Week Boston

Banner for Biotech Week Boston 2022

Date: 27 – 30 September
Location: Online | Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

The 2022 Biotech Week Boston is held both virtually and in-person at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference aims to expedite the biotechnology business through the exchange and sharing of new ideas and technologies. 

Attendees can expect to connect with industry professionals and potential partners to facilitate ongoing projects that will shape the biotech future.

13. MedCity INVEST Digital Health

MedCity INVEST Digital Health conference banner

Date: 28 September
Time: 8:00am – 6:00pm (CDT)
Location: Dallas, Texas 75247

The MedCity INVEST Digital Health event brings together C-level executives from healthcare companies, healthcare consultants, business development leaders and R&D professionals. 

This conference strives to enable stakeholders to work towards a world where digital health tools can be integrated seamlessly with machine learning. Here, you can network with a mix of elite startups and investors that support this cause.

Price: $295 – $495

14. BIOMEDevice Boston

Banner for BIOMEDevice Boston

Date: 28 – 29 September
Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

BIOMEDevice Boston has invited thought leaders and industry speakers in the healthcare, biotech and medtech fields. They will be discussing new technologies that can potentially bring the industry to greater heights.

  • Expo — Watch live demonstrations to learn more about the latest medical solutions from biomed suppliers
  • Education — Get access to exclusive presentations by experts 
  • Exhibit — Network with more than 1,500 engineers and buyers with your products

Quarter 4 MedTech Conferences: October — December

In October, November and December 2022, the MedTech industry has organized a line of engaging conferences. 

Learn more about providing value-based care, discover new MedTech solutions and analyze how to improve the global healthcare ecosystem.

15. MedTech22 Annual Conference

MedTech22 Annual Conference banner

Date: 6 – 7 October
Location: Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

The MedTech22 Annual Conference is an industry event organized by the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA). After going fully virtual last year, this year’s conference is back as a physical event and will be held at Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney.

During this event, thought leaders and professionals within the medical technology industry, academia and government will discuss and address the issues faced by the community.

16. AHIMA22 Global Conference

Banner for AHIMA22 Global Conference

Date: 9 – 12 October (In person), 10 – 11 November (Online)
Location: Columbus, Ohio

The AHIMA22 Global Conference is organized in hopes of driving the global healthcare ecosystem toward a more accessible, connected and equitable future. It will focus on 4 core aspects:

  • The skills and evolving needs of the workforce
  • Patients’ access to and literacy of healthcare data
  • Issues pertaining to healthcare data privacy and security
  • Challenges and solutions related to healthcare data accessibility, privacy and security

17. AI in Healthcare Summit

Banner for AI in Healthcare Summit

Date: 13 – 14 October
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Held in Boston, the AI in Healthcare Summit seeks to bring together the tools and methodologies that can help to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

During the summit, you will get to hear from industry experts about the most recent advancements in AI in healthcare such as robotics, eHealth records and speech recognition. You will also get to network with other attendees and participate in an interactive Q&A session.

Price: $795 – $1,095

18. The MedTech Conference 2022

The MedTech Conference 2022 banner

Date: 24 – 26 October
Location: Online | Boston, Massachusetts

Held over 3 days, The MedTech Conference is a large-scale event with 150 sessions and over 518 speakers. It will cover important topics and issues such as cybersecurity, AI and robotics.

At the conference, you can arrange for 1-on-1 meetings with MedTech companies, investors and other industry stakeholders to network and grow your business. You can also explore opportunities for new partnerships through the Exhibitor Marketplace.

19. MD&M Minneapolis

MD&M Minneapolis conference event banner

Date: 2 – 3 November
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Part of Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis, MD&M Minneapolis is a medical design and manufacturing event held in the MedTech hub of Minnesota.

The event will showcase a wide range of MedTech solutions including 3D printing and robotics and automation. Find solutions to your business needs from product design and development to medical packaging, medical device components and even manufacturing equipment.

20. Population Health Colloquium

Event banner for Population Health Colloquium

Date: 7 – 9 November
Location: Online | Loews Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This year, the Population Health Colloquium will be a hybrid event held both online and in person. It will bring together the most influential thought leaders in healthcare to discuss industry trends and share their insights on technology advancements, data analytics and more.

At the forum, you can learn about the new approaches and innovations in the healthcare industry and how your business can move towards value-based care.

21. HLTH 2022

HLTH 2022 banner

Date: 13 – 16 November
Location: Online | The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

HLTH 2022 is a holistic and immersive event centered around the healthcare ecosystem. With over 300 speakers, you will get a chance to hear from industry experts and trailblazers about a wide range of topics from health to wellness and digital healthcare.

At the conference, you can engage in short 1-on-1 meetings with key decision makers such as buyers, solution providers and investors to find the right solutions for your business.

Price: $3,300 – $3,500

22. Innovation Summit San Francisco 2022

Innovation Summit San Francisco 2022 banner

Date: 14 – 16 November
Location: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Canada

Innovation Summit San Francisco is organized by MedTech Strategist and delves into the current issues and challenges surrounding the medical device industry. It offers emerging businesses the opportunity to partner and network with investors and key industry stakeholders.

Price: $2,095

23. BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley

Banner for BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley event

Date: 29 – 30 November
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley is a regional event that gathers thought leaders and speakers in the biotechnology sphere to share about the latest technological innovations and solutions. Here, you can experience live demonstrations and attend exclusive presentations by industry experts.

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