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Why ESG Matters for MedTech in the Asia-Pacific

Why ESG Matters for MedTech in the Asia-Pacific

As a new era for the MedTech industry in the Asia-Pacific region approaches, the integration of ESG considerations emerges not merely as a trend but as an imperative.

The upcoming decade promises rapid advancements in medical technology, intertwined with an intensified focus on sustainability and ethical governance. The industry can expect innovations catering to medical needs while prioritising environmental and social concerns. The ascent of digital health solutions, telemedicine, and AI-driven diagnostics will revolutionise patient care and reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing reliance on physical infrastructure and transportation.

Challenges are inevitable. Evolving regulatory landscapes, shifting consumer expectations, and the global economic milieu will present unforeseen obstacles. Yet within these challenges lie unparalleled opportunities. Medtech companies that wholeheartedly embrace ESG will position themselves as market leaders and vanguards of thought and innovation. These trailblazers will set industry bench- marks, influence policy frameworks, and command consumer trust.

This report is a collaboration between APACMed and Bain and Company and brought together 15 member companies from APACMed to develop an online, comprehensive dashboard of environmental regulations specific to the medtech value chain across six markets in APAC. This was supplemented by surveys of 120 customers and over 800 employees and various executives from medtech companies to better understand how the changing expectations of the stakeholders is reinforcing the importance of ESG as a strategic priority for the companies.

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