Remote Care Management Cybersecurity Whitepaper

Remote Care Management Cybersecurity Whitepaper

While Remote Care Management (RCM) has already brought significant benefits such as increased accessibility and affordability to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) ecosystem, RCM innovation is expected to further revolutionise healthcare delivery and advance healthcare coverage in APAC.

This paper, authored by APACMed’s Digital Health Committee Cybersecurity Working Group and LEK Consulting, incorporates results from interviews conducted with regional and international experts. It highlights the advantages of RCM, including improved healthcare access and affordability, while underscoring the growing concerns related to data breaches and cyber threats in healthcare data storage. The paper advocates for the development of specific cybersecurity regulations for RCM in APAC. It calls for governments, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare providers to collaborate on implementing security measures to harness the full potential of RCM while ensuring data security and long-term patient safety.

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